Hi Welcome to my blog – mistress-blacksatin. In this blog I will be talking about exercise, sports and physical fitness. Ever since I can remember I have been in love with a variety of sports. From a young age, I played soccer, until I came to Canada and discovered Basketball and fell in love with it. I ended up playing basketball for my varsity team throughout high-school and became a house-hold name.

My love for basketball stemmed from the fact watching the basketball greats growing up. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady. This were just some of my favorite players, the hard-work they placed in the game, their tenacity, the drive to win motivated me to be a better person, to work hard at everything and anything that I did.

My favorite players by far were Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, their ability to strike fears into the hearts of their opponents was amazing. You would see many players alike afraid to play defense against this players, because they knew that they would have to work their hardest on defense and still had very little hope of stopping them. They were pretty much un-guardable.  Why was this? Why were they so great? They focused on every aspect of the game, every waking moment thinking, practicing, playing, eating, sleeping, dreaming about basketball. Their obsession with basketball and winning, are what ultimately made them great.

If I had the option I would invest thousands of dollars just to learn from this two individuals, what kind of mindset it takes to obtain the kind of success they had in their field, their tenacity and unrelenting effort.