Importance of Physical Fitness

Everyone has an idea of what “fit” is supposed to look like. For certain people, it means having an almost perfect body, while there are some who want to develop a lot of muscle or a great figure. Fitness is not only about appearance and it has more components that you need to consider:

· Muscular strength – This is the strength that will help you lift and carry heavy things. If you do not have muscular strength, your body will become weak and unable to keep with the demands of everyday life.

· Cardiovascular endurance – It is the heart and lung’s ability to work correctly at a moderate level over a long time. To let this area improve, perform cardiovascular activities like walking briskly, bicycling, running, swimming, and other cardiovascular exercises.

· Flexibility – This is one of the most important, yet most of the time neglected part of physical fitness. Without this, the muscles and joints will become stiff and there would be limited movement will become limited.

· Percentage of body fat – This refers to the percentage of your overall body weight that is composed of stored body fat. The body fat can be tested by using different methods like the skinfold caliper method or bioelectrical impedance.

· Muscular endurance – Endurance pertains to the ability of your muscles to do contractions for long periods of time. Instead of just lifting or carrying something for a few seconds, muscles can handle it in minutes.

It is actually easier to keep track of your progress when you use a device while doing a physical activity. If you are using a mobile phone, make sure that you put it in a waterproof case or else you’d end up having to go to a cell phone repair shop because it can get broken. You can also use other devices to keep track of your physical activity progress. These components of physical fitness are the reasons why people continue to do them.